→ Classify

Identifying by or dividing data into classes based on similar features.

→ Collect

Gathering data from physical or digital environments driven by research interests.

→ Debug

Finding and fixing errors in given data.

→ Generate

Creating new data or contents based on given instructions or parameters.

→ Optimise

Improving data quality and performance.

→ Rank

Organizing hierarchies based on data relevance within a given context.

→ Recognise

Detecting and identifying patterns in data based on given instruction or previous knowledge.

→ Recommend

Suggesting contents based on past behaviours, preferences, or relevance within a given context.

→ Summarize

Selecting and disclosing relevant data with the overall meaning.

→ Test

Evaluating the performance and functionality based on parameters.

→ Translate

Transforming (existing) data from one domain to another preserving context meaning.

→ Visualize

Transforming data into visual outputs useful for exploration or explanation.